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The Aquatic Homestead House Song
The Spiritual Piano Experimental Song
PianoShock Experimental Song
New Changes Experimental Song
Electric Bond Techno Song
Hope Miscellaneous Song
Winter's Transitioning Ambient Song
Escaping Time Trance Song

2016 Submissions

Fall's Dance Ambient Song
Euphoric Dreams Ambient Song
The Return Drum N Bass Song

2015 Submissions

Eternity Ambient Song
The Frequency Dance Song
Electric Shot Techno Song
Ancient Shrine Ambient Song
Relaxing Sunsets Miscellaneous Song
Electro Race Techno Song
Enchanted Souls Cinematic Song
Elektown Techno Song
Lifeswitch Ambient Song
Party Now Techno Song
Pace Drum N Bass Song
Peaceful Aura Ambient Song
Apocalyptic Intentions Indie Song
Warm House Techno Song
The Comeback Techno Song
A Change of Pace Dubstep Song
The Majestic Dragon Cinematic Song
The Technologic Cat Techno Song
Paranoid Experimental Song
The Dubstep Kid Dubstep Song
The Fallen Binary Dance Song
The Meshiest Piano Experimental Song
The Meshiest Bass Drum N Bass Song
Realizing Who I Am Experimental Song
The Code Has Escaped Dubstep Song
The Robotic Computer Techno Loop
Trekkys And Tekkys Dance Song